Gender-Identity of Animation Character

애니메이션 캐릭터의 젠더 정체성

  • 성례아 (백석대학교 디자인영상학부)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


The image calls forth the curiosity of the children. children experience the many thing through the image and it makes children to study naturally. Specially, the animation socializes children and it plays an important role in form of a self-identity. The gender-identity reappearance of the animation character is important. Gender-identity reappearance type of the animation character is able to classify with the reappearance type of visual information and the narrative. The narrative reappearance type does more clearly visual information reappearance type. Also classifying the gender-identity of animation character aspects into each type, they are; gender stereotype that character reflects the conservative and commercial ideology; gender non-stereotype that character doesn't reflect gender stereotype. But reappearance of the gender non-stereotype character as well, it is stopping in the exaggeration or the caricature of gender role of the character. Consequently the animation characters must be reappeared with the character which have the future oriented gender identity-as one human being that forms a value subjectively. The animation which reappears the future oriented gender-identity plants a proper self-perception and gender role in children and relaxes the traditional gender-identity which is already acquired.


Animation Character;Gender-Identity;Gender Role