Korea's Design Prototypetyle

한국 디자인 원형 연구

  • 김복경 (신라대학교 커뮤니케이션디자인학부)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


Design prototype is described from the stately aspect as a principle of formative art, and from the shapeable aspect of physical feature. The prototype can be a common denominator which is contained in one nation's culture, art and life, as the thing which corresponds to the daily industrial craft, architecture and art's production intention and activity with the thought and background of the culture. We have formed the design prototypes with time and space in the process which absorbs and integrates the new culture. Modern Korean design's prototype can be seen in the late Chosun. As the upper culture and sub-culture were combined, the active culture was developed. Nobody can deny that Chosun's culture and art becomes a basis of today's design and Korea's beauty. In creating the design prototype, the natural environmental factors such as topography and climate are the most important. Such natural environmental factor led the design recognition of art and craft art, as well as an architecture and indoor environment's form. Korea design produced the artisan sprite which is devoted to a moral duty and instinct as our nation's nature and emotion, and ensured the emotional process not the rational process. So, it created naturalism which accepted the material and shape. Our design prototype's path tracking as an energy of future society's new design identity, can be the important theme for our design development.



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