Development of Basic Education Models of Stop-Motion Techniques

스톱모션 기법의 기초 교육모형 개발

  • 양세혁 (조선대학교 미술대학 만화애니메이션학부)
  • Published : 2007.11.30


Stop-motion is a technique that should be in the basic stage of the animation education, as it gives a chance for students to learn a three-dimensional sense about the movement, just to name a few, as this technique can give movements to actual objects in real life. As the old animation education is consist of forms to make a short animation. most students got a situation that they should be reeducated about 'movement' at their work after graduation from the school. It is necessary to have a systematic education about basic movement for 16 weeks to solve the problem under these circumstances. Therefore this researcher came to seek a more effective way for students who aim to major in stop-motion as well as students who try to nurture their basic capability of animation. This study aimed to present the optimized education model for the basic stage of the stop-motion technique specifically around expressions such as 'walking/ free-movement/ facial expression'.


Stop-Motion;Movement;Education Model