Antimicrobial Activity of Specific IgY against Salmonella gallinarum

Salmonella gallinarum에 대한 specific IgY의 항균력

  • Published : 2007.10.31


In this study, we investigated the antimicrobial effects of anti-Salmonella gallinarum-specific IgY separated from egg yolk obtained from layers immunized by S. gallinarum. The comparison tests of vaccination, content of IgY and innoculation number were examined by microscopic observation, turbidity, and pH. The results show that the ratio of anti-S. gallinarum IgY in the total IgY was 23%. Also, the anti-S. gallinarum IgY had selectivity only to S, gallinarum. The 0.3% addition of anti-S. gallinarum-specific IgY resulted in agglutinating clusters of S, gallinarum cells, but the agglomeration didn#t occur in IgY from layers not immunized nor in the control group. Microscopic observation indicated agglomerative cells when IgY was added at 0.2% or higher, and the pH and turbidity examinations revealed that a suppression effect was remarkable in IgY at more than 0.1%. These results suggest the possibility that IgY extracted from eggs and obtained from layers immunized by S. gallinarum can be used to prevent fowl typhoid.


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