Economic Feasibility on the Interconnected Electric Power Systems in North-East Asia

Chung, Koo-Hyung;Kim, Bal-Ho H.

  • 발행 : 2007.12.31


The interstate electric power system, as an alternative for energy cooperation under regional economic block, was fervently debated prior to the restructuring of electric power industries and rapidly expanded in many regions since the 1990s. Especially, electric power system interconnection in the Northeast Asia region may bring considerable economic benefits since this region has strong supplementation in resource holdings, load shape, fuel mix, and etc. In this paper, we implement the ORIRES model, proposed by ESI of Russia, in order to analyze the economic feasibility on the Northeast Asia Region Electrical System Ties (NEAREST) project.


Economic feasibility;Electric power system interconnection;North-East Asia;ORIRES


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