• Published : 2007.11.30


Let X be a Banach space, $A:D(A){\subset}X{\rightarrow}X$ the generator of a compact $C_0-semigroup\;S(t):X{\rightarrow}X,\;t{\geq}0$, D a locally closed subset in X, and $f:(a,b){\times}C([-q,0];X){\rightarrow}X$ a function of Caratheodory type. The main result of this paper is that a necessary and sufficient condition in order that D be a viable domain of the semi linear differential equation of retarded type $$u#(t)=Au(t)+f(t,u_t),\;t{\in}[t_0,\;t_0+T],{u_t}_0={\phi}{\in}C([-q,0];X)$$ is the tangency condition $$\limits_{h{\downarrow}0}^{lim\;inf\;h^{-1}d(S(h)v(0)+hf(t,v);D)=0}$$ for almost every $t{\in}(a,b)$ and every $v{\in}C([-q,0];X)\;with\;v(0){\in}D$.


viable domain;differential equation of retarded type;tangency condition


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