An Unequal Wilkinson Power Divider Using Defected Ground Structure in Double Layered Substrate

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  • Published : 2007.11.30


A novel 1:4 unequal wilkinson power divider using rectangular-shaped defected ground structure(DGS) in double layered substrate is proposed for removing the ground problem of DGS in packaging. Rectangular-shared DGS produces the transmission line having much higher characteristic impedance than standard microstrip line. The proposed unequal divider is composed of DGS and double layered substrate in order to be free from the ground problem of DGS patterns in packaging in metal housings. The second substrate is attached to the first substrate which contains DGS pattern on its ground plane at the bottom side to form the double layered substrate. In order to show the validity of the proposed DGS in the double layered substrate, a 1:4 unequal power divider is designed and measured. The predicted and measured performances are shown with an excellent agreement between them.


Unequal Power Divider;DGS;Double Layered Substrate


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