The Change of Shinchon Railway Station in Kyungui Line

경의선 신촌역사의 변천 과정에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.12.31


This study examines the change of Shinchon railway station in Kyungui Railway from 1920 up to now. Kyungui Railway was constructed in order to prepare the war against Russia by Japan in 1905. Shinchon station was constructed in 1920 for the sake of convenience of people who lived near Seoul. Recently the development of Shinchon staton was demended because of the possibilities of economic development and the location of Shinchon station. But at the same time there are many opinions against the development of Shinchon station because it has many great memories and it is a kind of symbol of modem life in Shinchon. Even though Shinchon station has developed for a shopping center, the location of the old station has been kept. But the shape had changed because of the new railway station. So the purpose of this paper is considering how to solve the conflicts between the development and the preservation of historic places in the cities which is one of the most serious pending issues.


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