Measurement and Analysis of Regenerative Energy in DC 1500V Electric Traction Substation

직류 1500V 전철변전소의 회생전력량 측정 및 분석

  • Published : 2007.12.31


Most of DC 1500V electric railway substations have adopted diode rectifiers to supply stable DC power. However, the diode rectifiers operate in the first quadrant of the voltage-current plane and thus need regenerative inverters which transfer the surplus regenerative power caused by regenerative braking of electric train sets into the grid. In order to select the proper capacity and installation position of regenerative inverter, it needs to investigate the consumed and regenerative energy of the electric traction substations in advance. This paper presents an analysis of regenerative energy in two substations operating in Seoul Seolleung and Kwangju Yangdong substations. DC line voltage and feeder currents are measured for a day to calculate consumed and regenerative power far four feeders. We calculated an amount of regenerative energy consumed in other feeders and estimated the cost reduction in energy consumption due to the reuse of regenerative energy


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