A Study on $CO_2$ and PM10 Changes by Operation of KTX HVAC-Pressurization Equipment in Tunnel Sections

터널구간 운행시 KTX HVAC-여압장치 작동에 따른 $CO_2$와 PM10 변화연구

  • 소진섭 (한국철도공사, 철도연구원) ;
  • 유성연 (충남대학교 기계설계공학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


The Ministry of Environment established a guide line in December 2006, "Indoor Air Quality Management guidelines in Public Facilities." As the items of the guideline, $CO_2$ (Carbon dioxide) and PM10 (particulate matter) is shown to Level 1 and 2. Therefore trains and subways are included. There are a lot of tunnels by the lay of mountains on KTX (Korean Train Express) service. HVAC (Heating Ventilating and Air-conditioning)-pressurization equipment on KTX is various functioning flaps blocking outside pressure waves. At that time, the fresh air is blocked by flap operation and the air is circulated by return air. In this study, we measured the time series of $CO_2$ and PM10 concentrations in the KTX passenger cabin during the train service of Gyongbu line (Seoul-Busan) and Honan line (Yongsan-Mokpo) from July 2006. Also, analyzed the air quality by operation of KTX HVAC-pressurization equipment in tunnel passing point. As a result, PM10 concentration was totally lower than the regulation values. However, $CO_2$ was highly correlated with several tunnels, such as Oksan-Otan, Godeung-Hyudae and Gaechak-Iijik tunnel. but, the indoor air quality of KTX train have been proved satisfy the recommendation the Ministry of Environment guidelines.


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