Development of the Operation Cost Models for Preliminary Assessment of the Urban Railways

도시철도 예비타당성을 위한 운영비용함수 모형의 개발

  • 이재명 (한양대학교 도시대학원) ;
  • 원제무 (한양대학교 도시대학원) ;
  • 노정현 (한양대학교 도시대학원)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


In this research, we were going to make the function which can forecast the operating cost of metropolitan railroad that is performing a role of assistant highway within the city. In order to do this, based on service records of subway line 1st to 8th in Seoul, we extracted 23 variables which can affect to the operating cost, and we selected the final variable for estimate the function of operating cost from correlation among variables and influence analysis. Then, we performed regression analysis by stages using final variable. 6 independent variables are chosen for presuming the operating cost, and we obtained the final 3 variables (quantity of holding motor cars, peak quantity of possessed motor cars, and quantity of stations) as a result of regression analysis. Through this research, function of operating cost of metropolitan railroad has better applicability than existing preliminary validity, and it is used by further preliminary validity investigation and master plan or validity investigation which is accompanied by operation designing, thus we expect that it could make a great contribution to the priority order of investment for metropolitan railroad or process of policy decision.


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