Design and Implementation of PDA-based Image Surveillance System for Harbor Security using IP Camera



Shim, Joon-Hwan

  • 발행 : 2007.12.31


This paper describes a new progressive embedded Internet Protocol(IP) camera available for real-time image transmission. It was applied for ship safety and security on seashore area. The functions of developed embedded system was more effective and excellent than conventional systems. Nowadays, each nation has established harbor security systems to jump up their ports to international port. Recently Incheon port has tried to change man security into center security system used by image security system. The security system of Incheon port has some advantages like effectivity of security system and reduction of manpower and cost, installed by image security system with CCTV cameras at the entrance gate and around the fence. Thus in this paper, we have designed and implemented a Personal Digital Assistants(PDA) based Image Surveillance System for Harbor Security using IP Camera under ubiquitous environment. This system has big advantages which are more effective in an emergency and low cost and small manpower than conventional systems.


IP camera;Progressive camera;PDA;Image surveillance system;Harbor security;MPEG-4


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