Thermal-Hydro-Mechanical Behaviors in the Engineered Barrier of a HLW Repository: Engineering-scale Validation Test

고준위폐기물처분장 공학적방벽의 열-수리-역학적 거동 연구: 엔지니어링 규모의 실증실험

  • 이재완 (한국원자력연구원 고준위폐기물처분연구센터) ;
  • 조원진 (한국원자력연구원 고준위폐기물처분연구센터)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


An enhancement in the performance and safety of a high-level waste repository requires a validation of its engineered barrier. An engineering-scale test (named "KENTEX") has been conducted to investigate the thermal-hydro-mechanical behaviors in the engineered barrier of the Korean reference disposal system The validation test started on May 31, 2005 and is still under operation. The experimental data obtained allowed a preliminary and qualitative interpretation of the thermal-hydro-mechanical behaviors in the bentonite blocks. The temperature was higher as it became closer to the heater, while it became lower as it was farther away from the heater. The water content had a higher value in the part close to the hydration surface than that in the heater part. The relative humidity data suggested that a hydration of the bentonite blocks might occur by different drying-wetting processes, depending on their position. The total pressure was continuously increased by the evolution of the saturation front in the bentonite blocks and thereby the swelling pressure. Near the heater region, there was also a significant contribution of the thermal expansion of bentonite and the vapor pressure in the pores of the bentonite blocks.


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