Prediction of Ground Blasting Vibration using Superposition Modeling Data of Single Hole Blasting Waveform

단일공 발파파형 중첩모델링 자료를 이용한 지반 진동의 예측

  • Published : 2007.12.31


The blasting vibration prediction in the country is mainly carried out by using the scaled distance method. But, this method needs a real-scale test blasting. The blasting vibration prediction has been performed using the data measured at borehole blasting for the purpose of a geological investigation before beginning a construction of a tunnel. In this prediction method, it is difficult to reflect the propagation characteristics of ground vibration generated from a real-scale blasting. propagation. This paper presents a new method for estimating blasting vibration by using superposed data of single hole blasting waveform with a delay time.


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