Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Decks for PSC Girder Bridge with Various Shear Span Lengths

전단 지간의 변화에 따른 PSC 거더용 강-콘크리트 합성 바닥판의 역학적 거동

  • Published : 2007.06.30


Recently, steel-concrete composite structures are widely used in bridge and building constructions. In this paper, a new type of steel-concrete composite deck with profiled steel sheeting is proposed to replace the conventional cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck. Perfobond rib shear connectors were utilized to provide horizontal shear resistance between the profiled sheeting and the concrete. To validate the effectiveness of the proposed deck system, 8 full-scale deck specimens for PSC girder bridge were fabricated. The specimens were tested with four different shear span lengths to determine the horizontal shear resistance of the deck under a static monotonic loading. For comparison purpose, two reinforced concrete decks were also fabricated and tested. The horizontal shear resistance of the proposed deck system was calculated using the m-k method.


steel-concrete composite;shear span length;horizontal shear resistance


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