Design Guidance of Jig/Fixture for Flexible Manufacturing System

유연조립 시스템에서의 Jig/Fixture 설계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.01.01


This paper presents a design guidance of jig/fixture for flexible manufacturing system based on the verification of a base assembly motion instability. In flexible assembly system, the base assembly needs to be maintained in its assembled state without being taken apart. This requires stability in motion while the base assembly is handled or tilted. Therefore, the instability of the base assembly motion should be considered when determining the guide line of designing jig/fixture by evaluating a degree of the motion instability of the base assembly. To derive the instability, first we inference collision free assembly directions by extracting separable directions for the mating parts and calculate the separability which gives informations as to how the parts can be easily separated. Using these results, we determine the instability evaluated by summing all the modified separabilities of each component part within base assembly.


Jig/Fixture;Base Assembly;Instability;Separable Directions;Flexible Manufacturing


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