Harmonics Assessment for an Electric Railroad Feeding System using Moments Matching Method

모멘트 정합 방법(Moment Matching Method)을 이용한 전기철도 급전시스템의 고조파 평가

  • Published : 2007.01.01


Generally, an electric railroad feeding system has many problems due to the different characteristics in contrast with a load of general three-phase AC electric power system. One of them is harmonics problem caused by the switching device existing in the feeding system, and moreover, the time-varying dynamic loads of rail way is inherently another cause to increase this harmonics problem. In Korea power systems, the electric railroad feeding system is directly supplied from the substation of KEPCO. Therefore, if voltages fluctuation or unbalanced voltages are created by the voltage and current distortion or voltage drop during operation, it affects directly the source of supply. The trainloads of electric railway system have non-periodic but iterative harmonic characteristics as operating condition, because the electric characteristic of the electric railroad feeding system is changed by physical conditions of the each trainload. According to the traditional study, the estimation of harmonics has been performed by deterministic way using the steady state data at the specific time. This method is easy to analyze harmonics, but it has limits in some cases which needs an assessment of dynamic load and reliability. Therefore, this paper proposes the probabilistic estimation method, moments matching method(MW) in order to overcome the drawback of deterministic method. In this paper, distributions for each harmonics are convolved to obtain the moments and cumulants of TDD(Total Demand Distortion), and this can be generalized for any number of trains. For the case study, the electric railway system of LAT(Intra Airport Transit) in Incheon International Airport is modeled using PSCAD/EMTDC dynamic simulator. The raw data of harmonics for the moments matching method is acquired from simulation of the LAT model.


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