Development of 60KV Pulsed Power Supply using IGBT Stacks

IGBT 직렬구동에 의한 60KV 펄스 전원장치 개발

  • Published : 2007.01.01


In this paper, a novel new pulse power generator based on IGBT stacks is proposed for pulse power application. Because it can generate up to 60kV pulse output voltage without any step- up transformer or pulse forming network, it has advantages of fast rising time, easiness of pulse width variation and rectangular pulse shape. Proposed scheme consists of series connected 9 power stages to generate maximum 60kV output pulse and one series resonant power inverter to charge DC capacitor voltage. Each power stages are configured as 8 series connected power cells and each power cell generates up to 850VDC pulse. Finally pulse output voltage is applied using total 72 series connected IGBTs. To reduce component for gate power supply, a simple and robust gate drive circuit is proposed. For gating signal synchronization, full bridge invertor and pulse transformer generates on-off signals of IGBT gating with gate power simultaneously and it has very good characteristics of short circuit protection.


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