Lightning Protection of Signalling Equipments at Subway Car Depot by Equi-potential Bonding

지하철 차량기지에서의 등전위 본딩에 의한 신호시스템 낙뢰보호대책

  • 서석철 (서울산업대 철도전기.신호공학과) ;
  • 최규형 (서울산업대 철도전기.신호공학과)
  • Published : 2007.01.01


Signalling equipments at railroad sites are widely exposed to high voltage lightning surges. This paper presents a lightning protection system for the signalling equipments at subway car depots. The main features of the system are as follows : (1)the common grounding system between power system grounds and the signaling system grounds, (2)physical and chemical methods to reduce grounding resistivity, (3)rearrangement of lightning rods based on the rolling bal1 theory, (4)equi-potential bonding networks to minimize the potential differences between the equipments grounds. The system has been constructed at six subway car depots in Seoul metropolitan area and it is measured that the grounding resistivity are reduced to 0.266 ohms and the potential differences between devices are reduced to a negligible quantity. After the construction of the systems, it has not been reported the break-down of the signalling equipments caused by lighting surges.


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