Thle New Design of a Large Area Dye-sensitized Solar Cell with Ag Grid for Improving a Design Characteristics

설계적 특성 개선을 위한 Ag 그리드를 가지는 대면적 염료감응형 태양전지의 새로운 디자인

  • Published : 2007.01.01


Up sizing of dye-sensitized solar cell(DSC) is the important technology to bring about commercialization of DSC. Several studies to obtain a stable large area DSC have been investigated in overseas laboratories, but have been hardly done in our country. In this study, up sizing technology of dye sensitized solar cells(DSCs) was investigated. We investigated low dark current materials for the current collecting grid. From the result, a new DSC module with metal grid was designed, and fabricated. For a new interconnection, both working and counter electrodes are alternately coupled on 10[cm]$\times$7[cm] substrate. We have achieved 68% of fill factor and photoelectric conversion efficiency of around 2.6% as the best results of new designed DSC structure.


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