A Study on the Control System of Myoelectric Hand Prosthesis

근전의수의 제어시스템에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.01.01


This paper presents a myoelectric hand prosthesis(MHP) with two degree of freedom(2-DOF), which consists of a mechanical hand, a surface myoelectric sensor(SMES) for measuring myoelectric signal, a control system and a charging battery. The actuation for the 2-DOF hand functions such as grasping and wrist rotation was performed by two DC-motors, and controlled by myoelectric signal measured from the residual forearm muscle. The grip force of the MHP was automatically changed by a mechanical automatic speed reducer mounted on the hand. The skin interface of SMES was composed of the electrodes using the SUS440 metal in order to endure a wet condition due to the sweat. The sensor was embedded with a amplifier and a filter circuit for rejecting the offset voltage caused by power line noises. The control system was composed of the grip force sensor, the slip sensor, and the two controllers. The two controllers were made of a RISC-type microprocessor, and its software was executed on a real-time kernel. The control system used Force Sensing Resistors, FSR, as slip pick-ups at the fingertip of a thumb and the grip force information was obtained from a strain-gauge on the lever of the MHP. The experimental results were showed that the proposed control system is feasible for the MHP.


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