Static and Fatigue Fracture Assessment of Hybrid Composite Joint for the Tilting Car Body

틸팅차량용 차체의 Hybrid 복합재 접합체결부의 정적 및 피로 파괴 평가

  • Published : 2007.02.01


Fatigue fracture behavior of a hybrid bolted joint was evaluated in comparison to the case of static fracture. Two kinds of specimens were fabricated for the mechanical tests; a hybrid bolted joint specimen for the shear test and a hybrid joint part specimen applied in the real tilting car body for the bending test. Characteristic fracture behaviors of those specimens under cyclic toads were obviously different from the case under static loads. For the hybrid bolted joint specimen, static shear loading caused the fracture of the bolt body itself in a pure shear mode, whereas cyclic shear loading brought about the fracture at the site of local tensile stress concentration. For the hybrid joint part specimen, static bend loading caused the shear deformation and fracture in the honeycomb core region, while cyclic bend loading did the delamination along the interface between composite skin and honeycomb core layers as well as the fracture of welded joint part. Experimental results obtained by static and fatigue tests were reflected in modifications of design parameters of the hybrid joint structure in the real tilting car body.


Hybrid Composite;Bolted Joint;Tilting Car Body;Fatigue;S-N Curve


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