Digital License Searching for Copyright Management of Software Source Code

소프트웨어 소스 코드의 저작권 관리를 위한 디지털 라이센스의 검색

  • 차병래 (호남대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Published : 2007.01.28


The intellectual property system was very important to the past industrial society. It is so important to the 21C information age. It is a leading role to developing these information society. Not only the digital content control but the technology of software source code for the intellectual property is so much mean to international competition. On occurring disputation property, we have to prove the fact, there is a problem to discriminate the original source code. In this paper, we make a study of the digital licence prototype for discriminate the original source code. Reserved words of software source code by parsing express to XML file that have hierarchical structure. Then, we can express architecture of software source code by tree structure form instead of complex source code. And we make a study of the indexing and searching to search digital license.


Digital License Searching;Software Source Ccode;Copyright Managements


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