Performance Analysis of load simulator interconnected with Power Quality Compensator

전력품질 보상기와 부하모의장치의 연계시험 분석

  • Published : 2007.02.20


This paper describes a load simulator with power recovery capability, which is based on the voltage source converter-inverter set. The load simulator can save the electric energy that should be consumed to test the operation and performance of the power quality compensator and the power equipment. The load simulator consists of a converter-inverter set with a DSP controller for system control and PWM pulse generation. The converter operates as a universal load to model the linear load and the non-linear load, while the inverter feed the energy back to the power source with harmonic compensation. the performance of proposed load simulator was analyzed with scaled-model experiment, interconnected with the active power filter. The experimental results confirms that the proposed load simulator can be utilized to test the performance of active power filter.


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