Anti-wrinkle Activity of Low Molecular Weight Peptides Derived from the Collagen Isolated from Asterias amurensis

불가사리(Asterias amurensis) 콜라겐 유래 저분자 펩타이드의 피부주름 억제활성

  • Kwon, Min-Chul (College of Biscience and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University) ;
  • Kim, Cheol-Hee (College of Biscience and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University) ;
  • Kim, Hyo-Sung (College of Biscience and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University) ;
  • Syed, Abdul Qadir (College of Biscience and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University) ;
  • Hwang, Bo-Yong (SKY007) ;
  • Lee, Hyeon-Yong (Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Kangwon National University)
  • 권민철 (강원대학교 BT특성화학부대학) ;
  • 김철희 (강원대학교 BT특성화학부대학) ;
  • 김효성 (강원대학교 BT특성화학부대학) ;
  • ;
  • 황보영 ;
  • 이현용 (강원대학교 생명공학연구소)
  • Published : 2007.12.01


This study was carried out to investigate the anti-wrinkle effects of peptides derived from collagens isolated from Asterias amurensis, which was collected in the East Sea. The molecular weights of the peptides were between 10-50 kDa, as determined through sephadek G-75 gel. The cytotoxicities against CCD-986sk cells and HEL-299 cells were measured using the MTT assay. The cytotoxicity of all the fractions(F1: Fraction No. 4-13, 116 kDa; F2: Fraction No. 25-30, 100 kDa; F3: Fraction No. 45-55, 58 kDa; F4: Fraction No. 59-63, 43 kDa; F5: Fraction No. 79-90, 24 kDa) was less than 25%, by the addition of 1.0 mg/mL. These peptides did not show any adverse effects on human skin cells. In the presence of F1 at 1.0 mg/mL, matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) expression of UVA-induced human normal fibroblasts was reduced to 34.8%. Overall, the results seem to suggest that peptides of approximately 20 kDa have superior anti-wrinkle effects.


Asterias amurensis;low molecular weight peptide;anti-wrinkle activity


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