The Effects of Blending Starches on the Development of Plybond Strength of Two-ply Linerboard

삼성분 전분혼합에 의한 이겹지의 층간결합강도 개선

  • Lee, Hak-Lae (Dept. of Forest Sciences, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University) ;
  • Ryu, Jeong-Yong (Chemical biotechnology research center, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology)
  • 이학래 (서울대학교 농업생명과학대학 산림과학부) ;
  • 류정용 (한국화학연구원 바이오정밀화학연구센터)
  • Published : 2007.12.31


The effects of blending starches with different gelatinization temperatures on the development of ply-bond strength were systematically investigated using a three component mixture design technique. Oxidized corn starches with different gelatinization temperatures were blended with natural corn starch and sprayed for plybonding. Optimum blend ratio for maximizing plybond strength improvement for the starch blends was 40% of natural starch, 27% of oxidized starch with low gelatinization temperature and 33% of oxidized starch with high gelatinization temperature. Starch granules with the lowest gelatinization temperature gelatinizes at the lowest temperature, while the natural corn starch gelatinizes at later stage of drying. The improvement of plybond strength with starch blends were verified on machine trial as well. Plybond strength improvement obtained from the machine trial was lower than that achievable with handsheets, which was attributed to the lower internal bond strength of the linerboards made from recycled fibers.



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