Semi-automatic Field Morphing : Polygon-based Vertex Selection and Adaptive Control Line Mapping



Kwak, No-Yoon

  • 발행 : 2007.12.31


Image morphing deals with the metamorphosis of one image into another. The field morphing depends on the manual work for most of the process, where a user has to designate the control lines. It takes time and requires skills to have fine quality results. It is an object of this paper to propose a method capable of realizing the semi-automation of field morphing using adaptive vertex correspondence based on image segmentation. The adaptive vertex correspondence process efficiently generates a pair of control lines by adaptively selecting reference partial contours based on the number of vertices that are included in the partial contour of the source morphing object and in the partial contour of the destination morphing object, in the pair of the partial contour designated by external control points through user input. The proposed method generates visually fluid morphs and warps with an easy-to-use interface. According to the proposed method, a user can shorten the time to set control lines and even an unskilled user can obtain natural morphing results as he or she designates a small number of external control points.


Metamorphosis;Field Morphing;Image Segmentation;Adaptive Control Line Mapping;Polygon-based Vertex Selection