Design and Implementation of AN Entertainment Golf Robot

Kim, Byoung-Soo;Oh, Kwan-Taek;Park, Young-Ho

  • Published : 2007.12.31


Robot has been developed as something to help human beings, and robot will be very important field as an entertainment. This paper intends to contribute to developing golf robot as an entertainment using AVR ATmega Chips. It is believed that the entertaining robot giving a pleasure to human beings has good prospects for the rapid growth along with other robot industry. Golf robot developed in this paper has been developed for entertainment and has a similar sense in comparison with the real golf. This golf robot is represented in the way of putting the ball in the hall by hitting the ball just like the actual golf game and putting through making robot come close to the ball with the putting robot. This golf robot can playa game with several people like the actual golf if many putting robots can be used. It is, therefore, considered that the development of golf robots for entertainment using AVR has a high value of the golf robot as an entertainer on the ground that it can playa real golf.


Robot;Entertainmen;ATmega Chips