Modern Package Design Factors Hidden in Traditional Korean Wrapping Cloth

한국전통 보자속에 은유된 현대 포장디자인 요소

  • 권일현 (한국폴리텍I 서울정수대학 디자인 계열) ;
  • 남용현 (강원대학교 디자인학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.28


In this study, the use of wrapping cloth was studied by examining documents and drawings from the past that reflect the life of people of the time with a focus on "minbo" (a wrapping cloth used by civilians) and "gungbo" (a wrapping cloth used by the ruling class). Unlike the bag culture of industrialized society, wrapping cloth has diversity, dynamic and receptiveness to changes as well as coexistence of 2 and 3-dimension. Environment-friendliness of recyclability of the cloth used for making wrapping cloth is not found in any other traditional transportation device cultures of the world. Such polysemous elements converge into a various functions with the development of technology and raw material and allow a package design from a new perspective. This study analyzes the above factors from a package design perspective to suggest an innovative modern package design that has fusional, diverse features.