Reception Analysis of Liquor Advertisement for Female Consumer Based on Priming Effect

점화효과를 적용한 여성 소비자의 주류 광고 수용 분석

  • 이윤정 (공주대학교 교수학습지원센터) ;
  • 전병호 (공주대학교 영상학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.28


This study started from the point that female consumers have powerful effects on selection and purchase of products. Liquor is consumed by men more than women, but a population of women drinking liquor is increasing due to "wellbeing and a tendency to lower alcoholicity" of soju. Through priming effects, this study estimated and tested how liquor advertising which had been made focusing on male consumers could appeal to female consumers and affect their purchase. The results of this study revealed that the subjects were partially influenced by priming effects when the experimental image and the interference image were connected to each other in terms of their meaning. This study showed that if scenes in advertising, no matter how short they were, were in a similar situation, priming effects occurred and consumers had a positive attitude toward behavior which appeared in the advertising. In order that advertising of male-dominated products such as cars in addition to liquor may appeal to female consumers, situational factors have to be suitable to create priming effects. If such priming effects are advertising making and arrangement, advertising can appeal to female consumers more easily.