Plan of Jewelry Product Application Using Jewelry CAD and RP Equipment

주얼리CAD와 RP 장비를 이용한 주얼리제작 활용방안

  • 김문배 (인덕대학 주얼리디자인과)
  • Published : 2007.12.28


The Jewelry-relation industry is being placed in the crises which are serious with depression of domestic market, design development and a major force absence also high labor cost charge. The consumers have the value of the price preparation maximum and product differentiation which they want. The Jewelry CAD and RP equipment shorten cost of production enterprise which depended hand-metal work provided for the various design and a rapid new product. But until now, it was necessary to the original work of best condition casting vacuum cycle as difficult with direct casting of synthetic resin from RP equipment. I intend to imply significance about through the CAD and RP equipment application result with it analyses, after jewelry CAD and RP work applicable to direct casting will be possible and able to through the casting vacuum cycle produce the product which is suitable in the original production. Through the this paper jewelry secures a quality improvement of the product and discrimination characteristic being various competitive power of design and provide a new base in product production.


Jewelry;Jewelry CAD;RP(Rapid Protype)