Job Analysis of Video Editors Based on the DACUM Method

DACUM 기법에 의한 영상편집자의 직무분석

  • 송화선 (인덕대학 인터넷.TV방송과)
  • Published : 2007.12.28


As the broadcasting system rapidly migrates to the HD contents production, a broadcasting professional training program has increasingly requested, which provides a professional ability keeping up with new demands and a systematic well-organized education program. This paper utilized a DACUM(developing a curriculum) method for a video editor's job analysis and presented a job model of video editing. With a DACUM job analysis, we retrieved 9 essential job duties and 71 tasks, and then examined their importance, difficulty, frequency, and entry level tasks that are required before job hire. We also established a well-form structure of the job analysis results, completed a DACUM research chart, and consequently built a video editor's job model in TV broadcasting and video production areas. The proposed model is expected to be used as a fundamental material for a future job organization of video editors in TV broadcasting and video production areas, a development of the educational curriculum, and a priority decision of on-the-job training programs.


Video Editing;DACUM;Job Analysis

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