Influence of Job Insecurity to Trusts of Hotel Employee - Focus on Employee of F&B Department-

호텔종사원의 고용불안이 신뢰에 미치는 영향 -특급호텔 식음료부서 종사원을 중심으로-

  • Published : 2007.12.28


The Employment instability of current employees should be related to uncertainty of switching job for experienced ones. Therefore, the researcher would like to look into the influence which is taken by Job Insecurity after verifying Job Instability Recognition through employees and identification of the level into Trust in organization, In particular, for the employee who is working in a catering department and expected to be ranked highly among tourist companies concerning Job Instability Recognition. According to the result of a tentative theory that Job Insecurity will effect negatively to Trust, conversely, it does not give any considerable effects both Trust in colleague and company. It just turned out that the risky factor of their dismissal could come to a substantial consequence to Trust in Superior. In this regard, a study shows that there isn't any relation to Trust in colleague even though there Is the cause of being fired. In this sense, employees can assume that a work evaluation or relationship with their superior, who work together in the field, is related to the risky factor regarding their dismissal. In other words, it turned out that there was no difference between regular employee and non-regular employee in the matter of Job-Instability-Recognition.


Job Insecurity;Trust in Superior;Trust in Organization;Non-Regular Employee