Error Resilience Coding Techniques for Mobile Videotelephony

모바일 화상통신을 위한 오류강인 부호화 기법

  • Published : 2007.12.28


Compressed video bitstreams are intended for real-time transmission over communication networks. Because video compression algorithms eliminate the temporal, spatial, and statistical redundancies, the coded video bitstreams are very sensitive to transmission errors. We propose an error resilient video coding technique to limit the effect of error propagation in low bit-rate video coding. The success of error resilient coding techniques relies on how accurately the transmission errors can be detected. To detect the transmission error, we propose a very simple error detection technique based on data hiding Next, we conceal the corrupted MB data using intra MB refresh and motion compensation with the estimated motion vector and compare the simulation results. This method will be useful in video communication in error Prone environment such as WCDMA networks.


Error Resilience Coding;Data Hiding;Intra MB Refresh;WCDMA