Fractal Deformation using Code and Displacement Vectors

코드와 변위 벡터를 이용한 프랙탈 변형

  • 한영덕 (우석대학교 게임콘텐츠학과) ;
  • 김기옥 (우석대학교 게임콘텐츠학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.28


We consider a deformation method suitable for fractal. In IFS fractal, the position of a point is characterized by its code as well as by its coordinates. Code has a meaning of address for fractal. If we move a point by changing its code, the resulting movement shows fractal behavior. We propose three deformation methods based on code information. For the deformation vector of a point in fractal, 1) we use the vector of a given vector field at the point obtained by code transformation, 2) we use the vector constructed by adding predefined displacement vectors according to the code information of the point. Both methods show a fractal-like character as well as an ordinary continuous deformation character. Also, 3) we can deform fern-fractal more naturally by restricting its deforming region using code form.


Fractal;Deformation;IFS;Code;Displacement Vector