Image Segmentation Using Anisotropic Diffusion Based on Diagonal Pixels

대각선 방향 픽셀에 기반한 이방성 확산을 이용한 영상 분할

  • Published : 2007.02.28


Anisotropic diffusion is one of the widely used techniques in the field of image segmentation. In the conventional anisotropic diffusion [1]-[6], usually 4-neighborhood directions are used: north, south, west and east, except the image diagonal directions, which results in the loss of image details and causes false contours. Existing methods for image segmentation using conventional anisotroplc diffusion can't preserve contour information, or noises with high gradients become more salient as the umber of times of the diffusion increases, resulting in over-segmentation when applied to watershed. In this paper, to overcome the shortcoming of the conventional anisotropic diffusion method, a new arusotropic diffusion method based on diagonal edges is proposed. And a method of watershed segmentation is applied to the proposed method. Experimental results show that the process time of the proposed method including diagonal edges over conventional methods can be up to 2 times faster and the Circle image quality improvement can be better up to $0.45{\sim}2.33(dB)$. Experiments also show that images are segmented very effectively without over segmentation.


Anisotropic Diffusion;Gradient;Edge;Noise;Watershed;Image Segmentation


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