Multiple Objection and Tracking based on Morphological Region Merging from Real-time Video Sequences

실시간 비디오 시퀀스로부터 형태학적 영역 병합에 기반 한 다중 객체 검출 및 추적

  • Published : 2007.02.28


In this paper, we propose an efficient method for detecting and tracking multiple moving objects based on morphological region merging from real-time video sequences. The proposed approach consists of adaptive threshold extraction, morphological region merging and detecting and tracking of objects. Firstly, input frame is separated into moving regions and static regions using the difference of images between two consecutive frames. Secondly, objects are segmented with a reference background image and adaptive threshold values, then, the segmentation result is refined by morphological region merge algorithm. Lastly, each object segmented in a previous step is assigned a consistent identification over time, based on its spatio-temporal information. The experimental results show that a proposed method is efficient and useful in terms of real-time multiple objects detecting and tracking.


Video Surveillance System;Moving Object Detection;Object Segmentation;Multiple Object Tracking


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