Integrated Photonic Channel Selective Microwave Bandpass Filter Incorporating a 1×2 Switch Based on Tunable Polymeric Ring Resonators

폴리머 링 공진기 기반의 스위치를 이용한 집적광학 채널 선택 마이크로웨이브 대역통과 필터

  • Kim, Gun-Duk (Department of Electronic Engineering, Kwaqngwoon University) ;
  • Lee, Sang-Shin (Department of Electronic Engineering, Kwaqngwoon University)
  • Published : 2007.02.25


A reconfigurable photonic microwave (MW) channel selective filter was demonstrated incorporating a $1{\times}2$ switch based on two tunable polymeric resonators with different free spectral ranges. Each resonator, consisting of two cascaded rings with an electrode formed on one of them, plays a role as an on/off switch through the thermooptic effect. The optical signal carrying the MW signal is routed to either port of the switch and detected to show the filtered output at the frequency determined by the free spectral range of the corresponding resonator. When the channel centered at 10 GHz was chosen, the extinction ratio was ${\sim}30dB$, the bandwidth 1 GHz, and the electrical power consumption 4.1 mW. For the other channel located at 20 GHz, we have achieved the extinction ratio of ${\sim}30dB$, the bandwidth of 2 GHz, and the required power of 8.0 mW. Finally the crosstalk between the selected and blocked channels was higher than 24 dB.


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