Free Vibration Analysis of a Rotating Cantilever Beam by Using Differential Transformation Method

미분변환법을 이용한 회전외팔보의 자유진동해석

  • Published : 2007.03.01


Rotating cantilever beams can be found in several practical engineering applications such as turbine blades and helicopter rotor blades. For reliable and economic design, it is necessary to estimate the dynamic characteristics of those structures accurately and efficiently since significant variation of dynamic characteristics resulted from rotational motion of the structures. Recently, Differential Transformation Method(DTM) was proposed by Zhou. This method has been applied to fluid dynamics and vibration problems, and has shown accuracy, efficiency and convenience in solving differential equations. The purpose of this study, the free vibration analysis of a rotating cantilever beam, is to seek for the reliable property of DTM and confidence in the results obtained by this method by comparing the results with that of finite element method applied to linear partial differential equations. In particular, this study is worked by supposing optional T-function values because the equations governing chordwise motion are based on two differential equations coupled with each other. This study also shows mode shapes of rotating cantilever beams for various rotating speeds.


Rotating Cantilever Beam;Differential Transformation Method;Chordwise Motion;Flapwise Motion


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