A Solution for Green's Function of Orthotropic Plate

직교이방성 평판의 Green 함수에 대한 새로운 해

  • Published : 2007.03.01


Revisited in this paper are Green's functions for unit concentrated forces in an infinite orthotropic Kirchhoff plate. Instead of obtaining Green's functions expressed in explicit forms in terms of Barnett-Lothe tensors and their associated tensors in cylindrical or dual coordinates systems, presented here are Green's functions expressed in two quasi-harmonic functions in a Cartesian coordinates system. These functions could be applied to thin plate problems regardless of whether the plate is homogeneous or inhomogeneous in the thickness direction. With a composite variable defined as $z=x_1+ipx_2$ which is adopted under the necessity of expressing the Green's functions in terms of two quasi-harmonic functions in a Cartesian coordinates system Stroh-like formalism for orthotropic Kirchhoffplates is evolved. Using some identities of logarithmic and arctangent functions given in this paper, the Green's functions are presented in terms of two quasi-harmonic functions. These forms of Green's functions are favorable to obtain the Newtonian potentials associated with defect problems. Thus, the defects in the orthotropic plate may be easily analyzed by way of the Green's function method.


Green's Function;Stroh Formalism;Orthotropic Kirchhoff Plate


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