On the Dynamic Characteristics of Cell Contact by Analyzing TIRE Images

전반사 형광 이미지 분석을 통한 세포 부착점의 운동 특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.03.01


We carried out an image analysis of living cells forming their contacts at the bottom of the cell culturing substrate. In order to visualize the contact area selectively, we adopted total-internal-reflection-fluorescence (TIRF) method, which can illuminate the specimen volume within only several hundred nano-meters above the substrate. From the fluorescent intensity of the TRF image, we could calculate the distance of the cell surface from the substrate. As a result, we visualized the origin of cell contacts, their movements, and the change of cell-contact type from the close-contact into focal-contact with information of its vertical displacement representing the temporal evolution process of the three-dimensional cell-surface-profile near the contact area during this metamorphosis.


Cell Adhesion;Close Contact;Evanescent Wave;Focal Contact;Metamorphosis;Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence


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