A Study of Successful Factor on PSD Application Technique for Manual Operation Mode(ATS)

수동운전(ATS)구간에서 PSD 적용 기술의 성공적 요인 분석연구

  • 손영진 (서울메트로 기술본부) ;
  • 박근수 (서울메트로, 기술연구센터) ;
  • 민경윤 (서울메트로, 기술연구센터)
  • Published : 2007.02.28


1974. 8. 15 SeoulMetro, beginning with the first electric railway established at six cities, so it is managing mass transportation of traffic. Especially, in case of seoul, It is managing that from one to eight lines, 286.9km, 265 stations have installed and now it is carrying about 5.5million of passengers everyday, and 2,000million passengers a year. So accident is increasing from the station every year. For this measure, SeoulMetro prepares safety fence for passengers crash but, as suicides or people who watch the accident took place, for at the bottom of passengers crash protection, PSD installing is needed. Even though, PSD is managing ATO section but, in controlling SeoulMetro, one to four lines sections are (ATS, ATC)section. Between as ATS, ATC section, ATO section, subway gate and PSD must have opened and crossed always at the time. And the interlock control corrosion protection gate, managing skills with installation, method, using in history, apply to 10rail cars one train sets, and maximum applying 2224% sections of passengers congested that consideration is to be needed. So 2004, SeoulMetro improved technology and basie design of PSD at ATS section. Based on this, from 2005.4 to 2006.6, using subway 2lines per 12stations set the model installation(full type 11stations, half type 1station) After installing in case of success, it is going about to suggest that effective analysis and hereafter subject.


  1. 프랑스 Faiveley PSD 기술자료(ATO 운전방식)
  2. 대만 고웅시 지하철 PSD 기술사양서(ATO 운전방식)
  3. 승강장스크린도어 기술사양서(2004.10, 서울메트로 기술연구센터)
  4. 수동Mode에서 PSD System최적화 연구(학국철도학회 2004년도 추계학술대회 논문집, 손영진, 민경윤, 이강원, 방영근)
  5. 영국 Westing House PSD 기술자료(ATO 운전방식)
  6. 일본 Nabuco PSD 기술자료(ATO 운전방식)
  7. 일본 Hidachi PSD 기술자료(ATO 운전방식)
  8. 한국 PSS-TECH PSD 기술자료(독립센서방식)
  9. PSD 기술관련 검토보고서(2003.12, 서울메트로 기술연구센터)