An Index Structure for Main-memory Storage Systems using The Level Pre-fetching

Lee, Seok-Jae;Yoon, Jong-Hyun;Song, Seok-Il;Yoo, Jae-Soo

  • Published : 2007.03.31


Recently, several main-memory index structures have been proposed to reduce the impact of secondary cache misses. In mainmemory storage systems, secondary cache misses have a substantial effect on the performance of index structures. However, recent studies still stiffer from secondary cache misses when visiting each level of index tree. In this paper, we propose a new index structure that minimizes the total amount of cache miss latency. The proposed index structure prefetched grandchildren of a current node. The basic structure of the proposed index structure is based on that of the CSB+-Tree, which uses the concept of a node group to increase fan-out. However, the insert algorithm of the proposed index structure significantly reduces the cost of a split. The superiority of our algorithm is shown through performance evaluation.


Main-memory storage system;Main-memory index structure;Cache conscious;Pre-fetch