Thermal Buckling Characteristics of Composite Conical Shell Structures

  • Published : 2007.11.01


Thermal Buckling and free vibration analyses of multi-layered composite conical shells based on a layerwise displacement theory are performed. The Donnell's displacement-strain relationships of conical shell structure are applied. The natural frequencies are compared with the ones existing in the previous literature for laminated conical shells with several cone semi-vertex angles. Moreover, the thermal buckling behaviors of the laminated conical shell are investigated to consider the effect of the semi-vertex angle, subtended angle, and radius to thickness ratio on the structural stability.돌               2일 주제 : 한국의 소리 , 멋, 공간 - 행사일정 : 2004.1.30(금) ~ 2004.1.31(토) - 사전등록 : 2004.1.24(토) - 행사장소 : 전주대학교 - 행사주최 : 한국디자인학회 - 행사주관 : 한국디자인학회, 전주대학교 - 행사후원 : 한국디자인법인단체총연합회, 한국디자인진흥원, 디자인네트, 월간디자인,               광주문화재단 - 참가자 : 한국디자인학회 회원 및 비회원 - 참가비 : 회원 (사전등록자 및 예약자 8만원)               학생회원 (사전등록자 및 예약자 5만원)            &nbs


thermal buckling ; composite;conical shell ; layerwise displacement theory


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