Numerical Analysis of SMA Hybrid Composite Plate Subjected to Low-Velocity Impact

Kim, Eun-Ho;Roh, Jin-Ho;Lee, In

  • Published : 2007.11.01


The fiber reinforced laminated composite structures are very susceptible to be damaged when they are impacted by foreign objects. To increase the impact resistance of the laminated composite structures, shape memory alloy(SMA) thin film is embedded in the structure. For the numerical impact analysis of SMA hybrid composite structures, SMA modeling tool is developed to consider pseudoelastic effect of SMAs. Moreover, the damage analysis is considered using failure criteria and a simple damage model for reasonable impact analysis. The numerical results are verified with the experimental ones. Impact analyses for composite plate with pre-strained SMAs are numerically performed and the damage areas are investigated.


shape memory alloy ; low velocity impact ; composite ; pesudoelasticity


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