Spatial Resolution Improvement Using Over Sampling and High Agile Maneuver in Remote Sensing Satellite

Kim, Hee-Seob;Kim, Gyu-Sun;Chung, Dae-Won;Kim, Eung-Hyun

  • 발행 : 2007.11.01


Spatial resolution is an important parameter in the field of remote sensing. Therefore most of the commercial satellites are designed to obtaing high resolution images. But satellite image resolution is limited by satellite design and imaging conditions. In this paper spatial resolution improvement method using over sampling and high agile maneuver is proposed. Satellite collects informations on the target in the satellite flight path along direction and cross direction. Target information is extracted from the collected informations, which are degraded by satellite modulation transfer function. By numerical simulation, we show that over sampling and high agile maneuver can be used to obtain high resolution images at sub pixel level.


Spatial Resolution ; Over Sampling ; Agile Maneuver ; MTF


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