RFID Reader Antenna with Hilbert Curve Fractal Structure over Partially Grounded Plane

Hilbert 커브 프랙탈 구조를 이용한 부분 접지된 RFID 리더 안테나

  • Published : 2007.04.28


In this paper, UHF band RFID reader antenna using filbert curve fractal structure and adding the partially grounded plane at the bottom of antenna, which has a resonant frequency at 910MHz, is proposed. Input impedance of antenna is matched with the feed line of 50ohm by varying the length and width of line segment making up the antenna, and by moving the position of via hole. The gain and directivity of antenna is enhanced as varying the dimension of the partially grounded plane and adding the line segment. The size of fabricated antenna is $68mm\times68mm$. The impedance band width(VSWR<2) is $882\sim942MHz$. The return loss and the gain of fabricated antenna are -18.2dB, 5.3dBi at 910MHz.


RFID Reader;Hilbert Curve Fractal Structure;Partially Grounded Plane;Via Hole

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