Effective Way of Providing Digital Contents Under Ubiquitous and Changing Media Environment

유비쿼터스와 미디어 환경의 변화에 따른 콘텐츠 수급방안

  • Published : 2007.04.28


This study explored the characteristics of media contents in the past, present and future. Also, it investigated the problems in terms of production of contents and circulation in order to find an effective way of providing contents that can keep pace with ubiquitous environment as well as one source multi use in various platforms and channels. In conclusion, it is viewed easy to expect that content would be the most valuable assets in ubiquitous media environments and the importance of contents will be more growing. Rather than game and enjoyment-related contents, more informative and cultural programs will be more valuable so policy-makers as well as industry need to more cultivate this area. In addition, this study presented the method for copyright protection and suggested that governmental policy fostering independent production should also be followed.


Ubiquitous;Convergence;Digital Contents;Method for Supply & Demand