Expression of Abstractive Metaphor in Animatrix

애니매트릭스에 나타난 추상적 메타포 표현

  • 김경애 (경성대학교 디지털콘텐츠학부)
  • Published : 2007.04.28


In this study, the use of abstraction has been considered, focusing on the abstract metaphoric expressions presented in Animatrix and it has a purpose as the case study in the use of abstraction as a unique element of animation in which imaginative ideas and stimuli are significantly important and the pioneering works of abstract animations were produced in the early 20th century. The abstract metaphors expressed in The Second Renaissance Part1 & Part2 and Matriculated among the episodes of Animatrix, the animation produced in the omnibus form directed by Wachowski Brothers and great Master in the world, can be analyzed into Anima of Abstraction abstractively expressing organic vital power, Extensity of Abstraction which 4D space is realized possibly recognizing the human emotions as well as 3D space, and Conceptualization of Abstraction directly presenting the human mentality and imaginary world.