Characteristics of 'Modern Cyborg' in Animation - Focused on Animations of and -

애니메이션에 나타난 '현대 사이보그' 특성 - <공각기동대>와 <이노센스>를 중심으로-

  • 서수정 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원 영상예술학과)
  • Published : 2007.04.28


The remark by Andy Clark that the cleverer our world is, the more difficult we perceive our world and ourselves, is very significant to us living in digital world. As the huge power of Technology are dominating the world, the people are drifting with their body fragmented in diverse kinds of chaos, being are faced with the situation that they should reorganize themselves about personal life and ways of thinking in a new technological environment. This paper approach some characteristics of contemporary society through 'Cyborg' which is the product of limitless human desire and technology. The characteristics in modern times, such as boundary disjoint, hybridity, transformation, fusion, communication with image, digital sensitivity, womanness correspond to those of the Cyborg. This paper also investigates the history of modern Cyborg through animation, one of the remarkable medium in digital age and analyze the cyber punk animation, and by Oshii Mamoru, which provoked the extension of the concept of Cyborg. This paper will give a moment to diagnose what this age is like and to present a reference line of our contemporaries exposed to the surplus images and technology.


The Characteristics of Modern Cyborg;Boundary Disjoint;Hybridity;Digital Sensitivity